Hack 4 a Cause – Eugene,OR

So this last weekend I participated in grand daddy of Eugene,OR hackathons called Hack for a Cause.  There were over 80 participants and a large rush of support staff to assist with food, snacks, design, story, mentoring and more.  The wide variety of contributors ranged from multiple masters degrees to south lane robotics high school team!  The only thing that didn’t vary was the positive mood.  The high energy, all excitement gung ho, good to go, feel good vibes were seen in every smile and conversation.  There was basically was a cyber army ready to dive in and do something that will have some positive impact on the world around us.

My experience with hackathons is that the first day of a hackathon is all about taking abunch of different ideas from a newly formed team and creating a cohesive  vision.  The team I joined was the Oregon Campaign Trail, which is the brain child of Jim Cupples. I’ll let him introduce the project you.



Oregon Campaign Trail Team


  • Daniel Coat
  • Jacob Groff
  • Jeremy King
  • Robert Moore
  • Tucker Matias


  • Annie Heckel
  • Kris McAlister
  • Jim Cupples


  • Eric Reynolds


  • Matt Bliss
  • Whitney Farrell


After the event I was invited to speak on the Tech Tuesday to talk about the hackathon and my thoughts on it with Joshua Evans.