I, Robert Moore started “coding” in the 1990’s. Back then it was programming in the “Basic” language. In the pre-windows era he then moved into procedural coding to create Microsoft batch files, to automate tasks and create menus in MS-DOS. In early 2000 Robert dove into web development mastering HTML and CSS. He was the primary developer for his high school’s website. With a background in technology, Robert worked as a student aid for the Education Service District and assisted with the networking & wiring of Sutherlin School District. After graduating from High School Robert partnered with another local technician to create Digital Insights LLC. Roberts role would grow over a 9 year period to service the hardware & software needs of a range of customers including Oregon State Police all the way to companies such as State Farm.

In around 2005 Robert learned PERL programming and developed a popular web game. After 2006 Robert mastered implementing MVC frameworks in PHP. He was the lead developer in creating private marketing tools for various companies ranging in niches from bulk email management, social media management and various other SASS integrations.

Since then he has completed significant work in most of the widely used languages today.