First View Flutter – Quest for Hello World

Flutter is a new cross platform language allowing you to release IOS/Android apps.

I hit up the download page at and downloaded the

I moved it to C:\flutter

Ran “flutter_console.bat” as Administrator

Ran “flutter doctor” and it looks like i was missing some things.

So first I decided to add flutter into my environment path for windows (windows 10)

Open Control Panel -> all Control Panel Items -> system -> advanced system settings -> Environment Variables

Then select Path and edit.

Then New and type C:\flutter\bin

Hit ok to save.

Now when I open a new command prompt window I should be able to run flutter from anywhere.

Cool so that part works!

Ok so now that its installed and added to path, I decided to fix those “flutter doctor warnings/errors”.

Ran flutter doctor –android-licenses and spammed Y for yes like 5x.

Then in android studio when you open it I clicked the gear at the bottom labeled configure and plugins typed “flutter” and then search in repositories.

Clicked Install – it installed real quick … Restart android studio and then do

it again but type “dart” in the box and installed that as well. It restarted android studio. (don’t do both at once – otherwise it just does the second one)

I then went back to command prompt to run the flutter doctor again to see if i had resolved everything.

So great! I feel like i’m really ready to start the hello world.

so then I did “flutter create hello_world” and it created a directory and some starting files.

In android studio I went to open the project. It had a cool little icon for the project folder.

When it opened it had some pre code there – so I changed it to say Hello World

When i went to build/run it said “No connected devices found; This makes sense why I saw that when the flutter doctor ran!

I went to and after reading it found out there was nothing i needed to install.

I then found I had to goto Tools -> AVD (Android Virtual Device Manager and download an android device SDK

I hit the download link. It was 750mb.

Once it finished downloding i was able to run it

When I ran the flutter doctor – it showed all 4 as green checkmarks! I figured I was ready to build/run! So i hit build!

Oh sweet success!

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