Game Jam 2019 Recap

So this year was my first game jam! First off, thanks to Pipeworks for providing the venue! This was a great spot to do the event and I’m looking forward to future jams! The event gathered 50+ developers ranging in skills between programming, audio, graphics and system design.  Participants registered and received a name badge that had a sticker to represent each of their chosen specialties.  I snagged a red dot for programming! (Huge surprise right?)

Ted Carter a developer from Pipeworks went out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable in the space. There was a good mix of introvert/extrovert and I feel like he bridged the gap well!  A welcomed appearance by local tech community leader Mark Davis  brought some awesome catering from Baja Express! (Thanks!) Also Thanks to Nikole Gipps for dishing out the Badgr Badges for the Game Jam!



But what about all the games? Heres the link!  There were 13 different games created at the Jam.  There were also some great multiplayer concepts that I had not run across before. There were a couple of 2 player games, where the two players had to complete an objective like to meet up with eachother or a common place.  As the players got close to each other the field of view would increase! Very Cool!


What did I do? My team decided to make a game in HTML5 canvas JS using webpack. Source code @  and if you want to test your skill its available for play at

Good fun!

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